I appreciated the way the book offered a tool for deeper understanding and reorganizing myself around the Laws. . . . Christina MacLeod, L.Ac., MPH
Absolutely wonderful . . . more than I imagined . . . the weaving of the Laws of Creation into the storyline is magical. . . . Roy Baillie
The first release in a series of novels based on an ancient set of teachings, The Bamberg Affair in THE ALL, is a metaphysical thriller set in Eighteenth-Century Europe. The secret Prophecy that is guarded by a powerful priestly class demands absolute slavery. But when a new visionary comes along to tear away the dogma and control, we find destiny playing itself out according to its inevitable laws. This recurring age-old drama, this need of knowledge, which fueled Martin Luther's rebellion against Catholicism and Buddha's rebellion against Brahmanism, comes back to life when universal law demands action. The author creates enough action and thrills to keep your light burning long into the night. . . . James N. Powell, author
The book is interesting in that it is great reading, but even more interesting is the fact that it has been percolating through my head ever since and giving me insight. It is a book that keeps on giving. . . . Mary Martin-Lojek
A fascinating book with the uncanny ability to transform the Laws of Creation from brittle, abstract ideas, to an understanding that is as evident as air or water or stones. I will treasure returning to read the story again and again and reach deeper into the Truths that are not buried, but leap from almost every page. . . . Henry Liska
This book was amazing. As it says, when the student is ready the teacher appears. This book landed in my lap by total coincidence and is helping me deal with a number of difficult challenges that have come up in the past years. People who have read The Celestine Prophecy, The Power of Now (Eckhard Toll) or Conversations With God, will also love this book. . . . Ben
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