“I have just given you the master key to unlock many mysteries of THE ALL and the world. I see you do not understand the full meaning.”

The Roman Catholic Church had been decimated by the Scottish Reformation. Their hand-picked protégé would reestablish the Church in Scotland to its former preeminence. Vatican authorities could not know, however, that their protégé had already been selected for a different apprenticeship—and a different mission.

“It is one thing to know spiritual truth and quite another to live spiritual truth. Sometimes it is very hard to reconcile the two. But you can see His Laws are perfect and incorruptible . . . we have no choice . . . we must all one day relearn to live spiritual truth. That is our journey.”

Follow this incredible journey of self-discovery and relearn the Seven Laws of Creation that you were taught in the beginning when your spirit was born; Laws that allowed you to be a creator of wondrous things beyond your imagination. Rediscover your true identity and your inherited birthright as a companion and co-creator with THE ALL. You will never look at the world around you in the same way.

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